One year ago, Alexander Litvinenko was murdered in London on the orders of Vladimir Putin. The motive to this crime is obvious: he knew too much and, worse still, he tried to let the public know too much.

What were those dark secrets he uncovered? What were the dangers he wanted to warn us about?

Russian Mafia and international terrorism, including FSB links to Al Queda; political prisoners and political assassinations, including preparations to murder the author; FSB agents in key positions in the East and in the West, including the sensational accusations against Romano Prodi; - such is the incomplete list of subjects covered in Alexander Litvinenko’s Allegations.

Today, as the Kremlin wages a new Cold War on the rest of the world, it is essential for us to know how that regime works, what are its strengths and weaknesses, and how it can be destroyed. Alexander Litvinenko knew the answers to that. Alas, he cannot fight alongside us anymore. But the invaluable heritage of his knowledge still can help us in the difficult times ahead.


“Alexander’s knowledge of contemporary Russia and its secret services was really unique, both because he spent many years as an insider, and because of his exceptional detective talents. Today, with Alexander no longer on my phone line, I have not only lost a good friend - I have also lost much of my vision.

Now his revelations are before you. Although not everything Alexander alleged should be taken for granted, all of that should be taken seriously. His opinions could be as right or wrong as any. What I can vouch for is that none of his words were lies.”

Vladimir Bukovsky, former political prisoner, author, Russian presidential candidate 2008


"Alexander Litvinenko's articles and interviews, collected here for the first time, are essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the background to the world's first case of nuclear terrorism. They present a harrowing picture of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) at war with its own people. The credibility of Litvinenko's charges is only heightened by the fact that he paid for his courage with his life."

David Satter, author, Darkness at Dawn: the Rise of the Russian Criminal State


“In the long history of Russo-Chechen conflict, Alexander Litvinenko was the only ever high-ranking Russian officer who made his firm choice in favour of justice. He fearlessly took the Chechen side simply because he knew that was a right thing to do. Not only did he show extraordinary bravery and nobility; he also changed history. When the time comes, the memory of what Alexander has done shall lay the foundations for lasting peace between Chechnya and Russia.

That was the main reason why the war-mongers in Moscow hated and feared him so much. And that is also why he will forever remain a national hero to the Chechens.”

Ahmed Zakayev, Prime Minister of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

“This book details the Russia described to me by Alexander Litvinenko in March 2006.  It tells of a Russia controlled by the FSB, successors to the KGB, who, unrestrained by any vestige of political ideology or discipline, have become gangsters and terrorists. It paints a chilling picture of a society run by criminals who will resort to any crime to achieve their ends. They do not just terrorise their own citizens but threaten the world. If I doubted any of what Alexander told me those doubts were removed when he was murdered in November 2006.”

Gerard Batten MEP


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